Hello my name is Bob, a little about me, I'm from England, I have been in the Chinese teaching of the last 9 years.
In England had many different roles, but only what they mostly had in common was that involved training of persons. This gave me a good background to teaching in China.
One of my papers last in England was teaching English as second language to help to integrate to them workers European in the main company of the United Kingdom, these people had little knowledge of English general and had that be brought to the speed in little time. It main that I learned of this paper that the repetition is a key to the success; I mean not only repeat saying the same words and phrases, but the structures of the prayer.
Learn a language, you have that start from it basic and for a young student, that is just to the principle, have that give them vocabulary, then have that show them how use that vocabulary. To begin with this, it involves lot of practice and patience.
English is no exception, the teacher of English as a foreign language / second takes patience time and perseverance, starting from a young age, greatly improving the learning and retention of what has been learned.
This content is designed for preschool-age children, and children who have little or no knowledge of English and is designed so that you can skip jump and jump through the lessons, although I highly suggest that you go through it in the order they are presented.
Questions are very important for learning a language, you have vocabulary, but the good thing is if you can not use?
Let's make the humble "Apple".Copy of Apple


Show this to your child, and they will tell you, "Apple", great! They have already taught them.
But now ask your child which is in English, the bright child, know to say "apple" as a Word. But that is all it is a Word to describe what is needed to describe it. It is an Apple.
What I do, is teach your child a simple communicative English, and is based on this web is interactive learning. Using structures simple of questions very common.
What ______________? It is one of the most common types of question.
What is it? What are you doing? What do you want? Do you like? What is using?
This will allow your child start to describe and to make progress in learning the English language. Other commonly used structures are covered during the course thus question and teach the courteous way to answer the questions.
These will be covered as well as sensitive responses. But more important for the development of your child, is practice, practice, practice and opportunity to use what is taught.
I have tried of have lessons to be a father, where you as a parent can sit and help your child's progress through the lessons of design. This will help you give your child the opportunity to practice what you've learned.
I've organized lessons in the order that I teach them, grade 1, child 2-3 years, grade 2, children 3-4 years, Grade3, child of 4-5 years and grade 4, child 5-6 years. Remember that it is not a race to see how fast can finish. On the other hand is best take the time necessary to his son to understand the lesson and then pass. Also review the lessons after a period of time is highly recommended, this will ensure that your child remembers and can use already taught English and perhaps use to other English outside that lesson also. And you, as a parent who has the opportunity to help and your progression of children English.